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eBook - The Science of Succeeding with People
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Wish you knew exactly what to say in awkward social situations? Or that you had a formula for charisma?You need to know how people work.As a human behaviour investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards studies the hidden forces that drive our behaviour patterns - and she's cracked the code.InCaptivateshe shares a wealth of shortcuts, systems and behaviour hacks to help you take charge of your interactions. You'll learn a game plan for navigating any social situation, unique ways to break away from the same old small talk, how to speed-read faces to predict people's emotions, and much more besides.When you understand the laws of human behaviour you can get along with anyone. With Vanessa's help, you will never interact in the same way again.
Vanessa Van Edwards is an interpersonal intelligence expert and public speaker. Her behaviour research lab 'The Science of People' has been featured inFast Company,Inc, Men's Health, Forbes,and on Fox News. She is a monthly columnist forEntrepreneur; the leading instructor in people skills onUdemyandCreativeLive; and has led training sessions at a number ofFortune 500companies around the world. She lives in Portland, Oregon.
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