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<P>Do you have new and interesting even outstanding results that you wish to be recognized by your scientific colleagues, or understood by the public? Do you want to convey your ideas to policy decision makers? Communicating Science is the book to consult. Separate sections offer advice on reaching peers, the general public or decision makers. Each of these main parts includes two subsections, Guidelines and Genres, with entries arranged in alphabetical order. This book will be useful to anyone having to convert scientific data into an easily intelligible and interesting narrative.</P>
Part I - Addressing Peers
Guidelines: Abstract, Acknowledgements, Acronyms, Active or Passive Voice?, Bibliography, Body language, Conclusion, Electronic publishing, E-mailing, Erudition, Figures and captions, Free access to literature, Ideographic or nomothetic?, Illustration, Index, Introduction, I or We?, Irony, Neologisms and eponymy, Notes, Open access, Opening paragraph, Organizing your material, Paragraph, Scholarship, Sentences, Signers, Speech delivery, Sub-titles, Taking the floor, Title, Understatement, Verbs, Visuals (for a lecture), Vocabulary, Wit.- Genres: After-dinner speech, Book chapter, Book proposal, Conference presentation, Correcting proofs, E-mail, Editing, Editing a book, Editing a magazine, Editing for a journal, Editing a journal, Editorial Informal discussion, Internet, Keynote lecture, Lecture , Lecture series, Letter for publication, Magazine article, Monograph, Obituary, Panel, roundtable discussion, Phone call, Poster, Presentation to a visitor, Progress report, Recommendation letter, Referee report, Research proposal, Research talk, Review article, Seminar, Slides& transparencies, State-of-the-art review, Teleconference, Visuals (for a lecture), Website, Writing a book reviewPart II - The General Public
Guidelines.- GenresPart III- Decision Makers
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