Esterification of Polysaccharides (E-Book, PDF)

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<p>This book provides a first comprehensive summary of acylation methods in a very practical manner. The coverage includes new developments not yet summarized in book form, and reviews spectroscopic methods, in particular FTIR- and NMR spectroscopy including two dimensional methods.</p>
and Objectives.- Structure of Polysaccharides.- Analysis of Polysaccharide Structures.- Esters of Carboxylic Acids Conventional Methods.- New Paths for the Introduction of Organic Ester Moieties.- Sulphonic Acid Esters.- Inorganic Polysaccharide Esters.- Structure Analysis of Polysaccharide Esters.- Polysaccharide Esters with Defined Functionalisation Pattern.- Selected Examples of New Applications.- Outlook.- Experimental Protocols.
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