Wood and Tree Fungi (E-Book, PDF)

eBook - Biology, Damage, Protection, and Use
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Wood, as a raw material and a renewable biomass, has had great importance for thousands of years. Under suitable conditions, however, it is also easily degradable as part of the biological cycle. The processes of decomposition by fungi, and measures for protection against them, have been studied for quite a long time. The resulting knowledge on the causes and effects of wood degradation can hardly be overlooked. Formorethan30years,OlafSchmidthasinvestigatedthecausesandeffects ofwooddegradationbyfungiandbacteria.Pioneeringcontributionshavealso been made in several ?elds, such as wood-inhabiting bacteria and molecular methodsforfungalidenti?cation.Laboratoryworkisaccompaniedbyteaching the ?eld of wood deterioration by microorganisms, thus contributing to the broad spectrumof information accumulated. WoodandTreeFungibyOlafSchmidtpresentsthemostcomprehensive treatise on the fundamentals, causes, and consequences of decomposition of wood as well as measures for its prevention. The 1,400 references give an overlookofthevastamountofinformationevaluated.Foralongtimetocome this book will be the competent source of knowledge about the fascinating interactionsbetweenwoodand microorganisms. Walter Liese Preface ThisbookistheupdatedrevisionoftheGermaneditionHolz-undBaumpilze from 1994. Errors were corrected and new results were included. Particularly the chapter Identi?cation was supplemented by molecular techniques. I - alize that a one-author book on a relatively broad topic must include errors andalsomayhaveignoredrecentliterature.Strictlyspeaking,oneshouldonly write about things that they have experienced themselves, in the case of point thisonlyconcernssomeaspectsof bacteriaand thosefungiwhichinhabit the xylem of dead wood. Thus, current secondary literature was used for those chaptersthat are on theedge of myownresearch interest. For better readability, the authors of fungal names are not mentioned in thetext,butsummarizedinanappendix.Fungalsynonymsarealsonotgiven. These are available from Index Fungorum (www.indexfungorum.org/names/ names.asp).Fungalnamescitedfrom(older)publicationsweretransferredto thecurrent version.
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