Plasma-Material Interaction in Controlled Fusion (E-Book, PDF)

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<P>This book deals with the specific contact between the fourth state of matter, i.e. plasma, and the first state of matter, i.e. a solid wall, in controlled fusion experiments. A comprehensive analysis of the main processes of plasma-surface interaction is given together with an assessment of the most critical questions within the context of general criteria and operation limits. It also contains a survey on other important aspects in nuclear fusion.</P>
Dirk Naujoks, born 1965, has studied at the Moscow Institute of Energy (1983-1989) and acquired his PhD from Lomonosov Moscow State University (1991). From 1991 he has worked at the Max-Planck-Institute of Plasmaphysics (IPP) at its different sites Garching and Berlin and takes now part in the Stellarator project W7-X of the IPP in Greifswald, Germany. In 1999 he stayed a half year at the Argonne National Laboratory as a guest scientist. From 2001 to 2005 he gave lectures at the Humboldt University of Berlin on Computer Simulation in Plasma Physics.
Fusion as Energy Source.- Energy Problem and Related Safety Aspects.- Fusion Fuel.- Fusion Concepts.- The Plasma-Material Interface.- The Plasma State.- Particle Coupling.- Electrical Coupling.- Power Coupling.- Impurity Problems in Fusion Experiments.- Operation Limits and Criteria.- The Problem of Plasma Density Control.- Plasma Operation Limits.- Material Operation Limits.- Choice of Materials.- Summary and Outlook.
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